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ORSOS Islands  stands for an easy going, relaxed and personal holiday experience that combines all the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts.
The Island conception combines personal atmosphere, natur experience and the mobility of a yacht, with the comfort of a mainland home.

The Island has been especially developed for private use as well as the exclusive hotel industry.
In an extremely comfortable and personal atmosphere guest have the choice of living together or alone.



Transportation to nearby locations can easily be accomplished by tow boats. For more distant destinations it is recommended to transport the Island through a shipping company via a freighter. The mobility of the Island, which is an excellent characteristic combined with all its unique and special features, allows the settling in seasonally restricted  areas with difficult weather conditions, such as the Caribbean known for its hurricanes, to relocate easily.

The mobility assures the owner of safety and long-term functionality. Compared to a mainland real estate, the Islands retain their value long term and are cost-effective.


ORSOS Island GmbH  ensures that the Islands are designed and constructed under the strictest regulations.
Regulatory authorities and specialists are onsite during construction. Luxury and naturally your safety, too, are both assured with extensive features, such as the equipage of rescue boats, sophisticated alarm systems and escape routes. Civil engineering specialists, with years of experience, ensure the highest level of structural safety and fire protection.

Of course, ORSOS Islands  can be customized to meet any applicable local regulations.



ORSOS Islands offers the possibility of an economic grouping to private residential homes, hotel or charter chains.
Owner and / or guests can enjoy a feeling of seclusion, security and exclusivity.
Each Island group project is customized.  Island owners can use the park, for example, for an all year-round base station, the summer months, however, spend alone in a remote bay. Hotel chains with a second bridge system can for example avoid rainy seasons and offer their guests an all year-round season. Every single ORSOS Islands is energy autonomous and mobilised as needed.
The bridge system can be designed on request, energy independent or can be connected to the mainland infrastructure.
More info:  Opportunities> Hotel-Residential Parks





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