An exciting new Home or Holiday experience.


Compared to mainland property, relocation can be carried out at any time.
This allows one to avoid economic, political and infrastructural risks.


Because ORSOS Islands is energy autonomous you don’t have the fixed costs that you would have to pay on the mainland.

The capacity and surface area of ​​the Island is equivalent to some large 50-60m yachts from the top luxury segment, whereas the ORSOS Islands cost only a fraction of such a yacht in both acquisition and running costs.

The low labour costs, low operating costs and the fact that the Island can produce energy and drinking water autonomously, contribute to an enormous reduction in costs as well as environmental friendliness.
Moreover, there are virtually no storage and transportation costs for fuel in large quantities.

With an Island, which can be relocated at any given time, there is little to no risk regarding the selected site compared to immovable mainland properties.
The fixed site of a mainland property may be seriously impacted by numerous unpredictable factors (economic, infrastructure, politics, etc.) which, at the time of purchase, were unforeseeable.
The property’s location value can also drop drastically due to various factors, such as through an increased difficulty in accessibility by airlines changing their routes, as well as the transience and mutability of the community.


By changes in business or private life or, when wished, to suit your life-style by following leading trends in society, you can “take” ORSOS Islands at any time with you by tug or cargo ship.