An exciting new Home or Holiday experience.


1. How do you move the Island?
ORSOS Islands has no engine.
For greater destination it is recommended to use a cargo ship; but to nearby locations it can be easily moved by a tow boat.

2. Has ORSOS Islands a motor?
The Island has no motor, therefore the acquirement, operation costs and employee costs are low, but the Island is movable with cargo ships or tug boats.

3. What about the safety?
Of course, all safety regulations, as well as in boat building are observed and approved by German Certification
(GL /Germanischer Lloyd).
While being built, supervisors and specialists are there for on-site inspection.
The extensive features are completed by lifeboats, alarm systems and thought-out escape routes.

4. How does it function in a hurricane or tropical storm?
With a level control system ORSOS Islands can be lifted gradually as needed; the aluminum outer panels and the floating platform can be folded in or out simply by pressing a button. These security measures transform primarily the main deck into a fortress, secondly it facilitates the transport by tug boats, because an increased level reduces the resistance and the folded parts make the docking easier.

5. How can the Island be fixed?
ORSOS Islands has two anchors. We recommend two additional buoys according to your wishes terms of mobility.If you want to keep the Island secure and stable and for long stays in one place - please see “Sea-Flex” System (

6. Why is it a green Island?
ORSOS Islands is completely energy autonomous! The power supply is fed day and night over a noiseless wind power system. By day light through more than 160 square meters solar panels. Heat recovery from sea water represents the base for heating and air conditioning. Abundant energy is divided among different batteries or to generate drinking water (from sea water) filled to capacity in the 3.170 gallon tank or provides energy also used for filtering and purifying waste water - which leaves the Island only with drinking water quality.

7. Why it has such a strange shape?
Gábor Orsós wanted to combine the positive attributes of mainland properties with those of luxury yachts and developed ORSOS Islands.
The Island has, with more than 20 meters (66 feet) wide and over 37 meters (121 feet) in length, great potential for a sophisticated and spacious layout. With about 400 square meters effective area on three individual levels, it creates up to 1.000 square meters total living space.

8. Can the interior get designed/personalized by customers themselves?
Yes, the Island can be designed individually.
Each Island is considered by customer wishes.
For example design interior, materials, technical content, special rules, etc.

9. Why it doesn't have a helipad?
In addition you can realize for example:
Floating bridges, to connect with other Islands and / or the mainland * floating helicopter landing platform with dock system to the Island * sea water pools for safe relaxation for the whole family * wellness area with sauna...

10. What’s the big different between ORSOS Islands and a yacht?
The Island creates with more than 20 meters (66 feet) wide, over 37 meters (121 feet) in length and about 400 square meters floor space on three floors (a total of 1.000 square meter living area) a much better room arrangement as on yachts.
ORSOS Islands costs only a fraction of such a yacht, in purchase and operating costs, for example by significantly lower personnel expenses and missing port charges.
Did you know that 80 to 90 percent of all the yachts are mostly stationary at the same place? For similar sized yachts, often 10 to 12 people a boat, crew is needed (sometimes more). ORSOS Islands, due to the energy management system, a trained Islands-keeper is sufficient.

11. Is there any way to secure ORSOS Islands if you want to leave for a day on dry land or boating?
One hundred percent safety can never exist. The Island is fully lockable and of course it is equipped as standard with security windows and an alarm system. In addition you can realize more security measures depending on your personal need. We recommend an Island-Keeper to be present.

12. If I am celebrating a party on the Island, how many people will I have space for?
Thanks to the versatile design on several levels ORSOS Islands offers theoretically space for up to 80 people.
Of course there is much more space, if ORSOS Islands is designed as a restaurant or party island.

13. Do I have to pay for the whole Island, if I would like to spend a holiday there?
It depends on the hotel operator.
At ORSOS Island GmbH you have to rent the whole Island, similar to Charter yachts.
The Island offers space for up to 12 residents and provides all important infrastructures to give the guests maximum privacy.
So, ask you friends to come with you ;-)

14. When are you going to build up the prototype?
There is no prototype, because each Island will be built according to customer wishes. The design is completed and the sale has already started. Currently we are in the negotiating phase with serious purchasers worldwide who want to stay anonymous, of course. The current delivery time is between 18 to 24 months of production release.
We produce on a "first-come-first-served" principle.

15. How does the Island find the way into the lake?
If the Island cannot be transported through a river section, the parts are assembled on a building ground. Then we let the Island via an appropriate water access into the lake.

16. What is the Name of this song in the video?
The name of the music is: SoundProdigy - Lets have FUN
This is specially made backgroundmusic for such presentations.