An exciting new Home or Holiday experience.

Holiday Island

With all the many possibilities ORSOS Islands offer, even the most remote and beautiful regions of the world are habitable.

The exceptional environmental friendliness ensures that nature remains unspoiled long term, opening the door to previously uninhabitable areas for you.

Another cost effective option would be to use the ORSOS Islands as a time sharing resort community; purchased by several parties, who take turns using the Island.

That is, if you, as an owner, choose not to use the Island as a permanent residence, you may offer your property for rent on an ORSOS Island GmbH platform. The charter offers and the available dates may be set by the respective owners. Interested parties can find information about the current locations and availability of the Islands and register for a booking.

ORSOS Island GmbH takes over central quality assurance, marketing and promotion of the Islands and also mediates between the Island and prospective owners.

For more information on chartering please see "Service".