An exciting new Home or Holiday experience.


Among the many uses of ORSOS Islands is also the establishment of a restaurant, café or bar included.
With Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands, you offer your guests a completely new taste experience!
This exclusive and unique design of the Island can be placed in the best location worldwide.
No matter whether it's at the Promenade in a densely populated city-beach or the magnificent backdrop of a stunning bay!

 A flexible catering location with countless benefits and uses.
With Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands entirely new gastronomic experience concepts can be implemented.
Targeted relocation guaranties variety to follow seasonal trends or to attend big events!
Also a general location transfer is possible at any time.
If a stay makes no longer economically sense, because the situation is no longer attractive, the Island can by tugboats and cargo ships switch effortlessly from bay to bay, countries and even continents.
The installation of a second bridge system makes sense if you want to avoid seasonal or weather-related rest times, in order to create an all year-round season.

The basic structure is completely tailored to the catering needs. Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands stands for sustainability, exclusivity and enjoyment in a prime location.
The construction of the Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands offers about 250 seats on two levels (depending on room design and concept), including the associated and necessary infrastructure.
The complete interior design has also been adapted to meet the catering needs.
Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands is thus always a mobile, best frequented object in a prime location and exclusive experience catering segment.
Because each ORSOS Islands is built individually, the design and use options are almost limitless.

The energy management system of Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands based,
as with all other Island-concepts on Green energy.

Drinking water is generated from sea water, treated water leaves the island only in drinking water quality, in the waste selection system, the waste is pressed and stored hygienically and odour free until removal.
By increased energy requirements, in order to guarantee safety in all circumstances, the system uses, in addition to the green energy, the generators.
Depending on the location and efficiency the overall energy can be produced independently or you opt for a supply on the mainland infrastructure.
Of course, mixed forms are possible.

Floating or fixed bridge systems offer a generous space for individual design.
There is also planning diversity on access possibilities.
As by the Hotel-Residential Park concept, using a bridge system, a fixed or floating connection to the mainland can be adapted.
Of course, it's also exciting, to anchor Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands free in a bay and to dock motorboats and / or shuttle to the mainland to strengthen the shield and the exclusive nature of this venue.
Besides Marinas bridges, Sun platforms for exclusive chairs, pools and more can also be realised.
In creating an additional habitat, you increase the attractiveness of Restaurant-Cafe-Bar by ORSOS Islands, giving users an extensive ambience.

Any further questions?
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