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 "One hundred percent safety can never exist – but ORSOS Islands is doing everything possible to comply with international safety standards and exceed them!"
Ship engineers, designers and specialists have created the perfect architecture and innovative compact construction of ORSOS Islands. The core of the Island, a steel or aluminium body with over three meters draft is extremely stable and provides a pleasant, mainland like ambiance.
Of course, all safety regulations, as well as in boat building, are observed and approved by German Certification (GL / Germanischer Lloyd) or (Buerau Veritas) .The ORSOS Island GmbH ensures that the Islands are designed and manufactured according to the strictest rules.
While being built, supervisors and specialists are there for on-site inspection. The extensive features are completed by lifeboats, alarm systems and thought-out escape routes.
With a level control system ORSOS Islands can be lifted gradually as needed; the outer aluminium panels and the floating platform can be folded in or out simply by pressing a button. These security measures transform primarily the main deck into a fortress, secondly it facilitates the transport by tug boats, because an increased level reduces the water resistance and the folded parts make the docking easier.
Annotating let’s say that ORSOS Islands was designed to anchor in coastal safe waters. Enjoy the views of virgin beaches in a sheltered near bay. The purchasing price includes two additional boats, one for 6 persons and another for 14 persons, so you can spend a nice day on the beach, or reach the nearest port for shopping trips. Of course in case of any unpleasant weather situation or in case or emergency to reach quickly the shore.